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Insync testimonials

As a maritime professional with many years experience looking to further advance my career, I decided to move to Sydney in order to take hold of the greater opportunities available. I initially did not believe with my experience and career history I would have any trouble. WRONG! Upon beginning my job search here I learnt quickly and harshly that most, if not all, opportunities within my field are handled by recruitment agencies. By the weeks end I was employed at a huge and supporting company within my industry and back to progressing my career goals. Without Leanne's due diligence and determination, I would most likely be still sitting by the phone or laptop waiting on another false promise from any of the multitude of recruiters in Sydney. Any future successes I have within my current role are Leanne's as well and I am forever grateful for her solid work ethic, compassion towards industry professionals and enthusiasm to do her job better than anyone else in the industry not only here in Sydney, but most likely all of Australia.

Insync Candidate,
Marine / Shipping Professional

Christian and Leanne I want you both to know that I appreciate what a really fantastic job you did for me. I'm so glad that I decided to choose your recruitment service, which is very efficient and professional. Within just a few days I was successfully chosen for the ideal role at a company so close to my home. I am so excited and looking forward to joining this new company. Thank you for being so awesome and let us stay connected in the future.

Insync Candidate,
Freight Forwarding Professional

Working as a Temporary Employee with Insync Personnel has honestly been the most enjoyable of my career. They have matched the employee to the right business and the right business to the employee. Christian and the team’s assistance within the business is great and they are always willing to help out. I couldn’t have asked for more from an agency.

Insync Candidate,
Customs Professional

Our Company has had a professional relationship with Insync Personnel for over 5 years.  Throughout this time, we have found Andrew Bennett & his team to be responsive to our requirements & proactive in our Solutions Management. Insync listen & understand our business requirements.

Insync Client,

Insync Personnel has been the best recruitment agency I’ve dealt with! Christian and the Insync team have been professional, genuine and caring in their candidate’s success! They really do treat you like a person and not a number. Good one you Insync! You have a genuine connection with your candidates.

Insync Candidate,
Airline Professional

Insync were very professional in their overall approach to assisting me to find alternate employment. Their fast responses and professional manner meant I was able to find another role more suited to what I was looking for. I would recommend them to anyone seeking a professional approach to recruitment!

Insync Candidate,
Freight Forwarding

Leanne is excellent at understanding her customers' needs and finding the right fit for the right role. I have worked with Leanne for many years now and I can always rely on her professionalism and personal touch.

Industry Specialist,
IT Solutions Provider